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International Training Guru Reveals His Personal Bodyweight-Only Workouts and Exercises for Fat Loss, Health, and Total Body Transformation!

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So how is the Complete Bodyweight Training Manual different than most other workouts?

One of the most common problems I get when working with clients is that they are incredibly committed and motivated towards their fat loss, health, and body transformation goals – but due to their schedule… time becomes an extremely limiting factor.

Sometimes they can’t make it to the gym because they have to drive their kid around. Sometimes a workout with weights isn’t even possible because they are constantly on the road for their job.

Some clients are just downright intimidated by the gym near their house because they feel that they are still beginners and the thought of being near heavy lifting, grunting, weight dropping meatheads turns them off.

So the question then always becomes…

“Can you use bodyweight-only workouts and exercises for fat loss, health, and body transformation?”

The answer of course is YES.

The truth is you can burn fat and lose weight with almost any exercise program – everything from Yoga to bodybuilding to cardio to martial arts to group classes will all produce a healthy result.

But what makes bodyweight-only exercises and workouts so appealing and attractive to everyone these days is that the workouts take much less time than long, slow, boring cardio sessions. And you can also save some major money since they can be performed at home, in your office, or at any hotel room.

If you want to lose fat and get healthy, the truth is you don’t need fancy, expensive machines lined up row by row in a high-priced over-crowded gym. If that’s your thing, and you enjoy watching Dr. Phil while you do an hour of cardio and getting mediocre (at best) results, then by all means, have at it.

But if you want to save time, save money, save gas, and save yourself a lot of trouble – then it is bodyweight-only training to the rescue for you. Here is an example workout that I performed just recently at a hotel I was staying at where I was presenting on the science behind strength and conditioning:

WARM UP: *Use 2-0-1 tempo for every exercise and repeat this circuit twice before moving on to the workout*  

Body weight squats 1 x 15 Close grip push ups 1 x 10 Lunges 1 x 8/leg Mountain climbers 1 x 10/leg  

WORKOUT: A1: Bulgarian split squat x 12 reps per leg A2: Spiderman push ups x 10 reps per side Rest 1min, and then repeat this superset for 3 total times.

B1: Hand supported pistol squat x 6/leg B2: Plank x 30secs Rest 1min, and then repeat this superset for 3 total times.

C1: Prisoner squats x 15 reps C2: Feet elevated push ups x 15 reps C3: Inch worms into extension x 6 reps C4: Side plank x 20secs/side Rest 1min, and then repeat this giant set for 3 total times.

FINISHER: Do as many burpees as you possibly can in 60secs

…The beauty about a workout like that is that an advanced client could get ANNIHILATED by that workout (I know I did!) – and yet all of the exercises have regressions to easily fit somebody who is completely brand new to exercising. You don’t carry near the same risks when working with your own body as you would with heavy barbells and dumbbells in your hands.

As you probably already know…I do a lot of seminars, and because I do a lot of seminars, I do a lot of travelling. So often I get the question about how I stay lean while travelling so often – well, this is your answer.

As my career continued to develop and my travelling schedule got more and more hectic, I knew I needed to create a system that was going to allow me to still “walk the walk” while I was travelling around “talking the talk”

Each workout only takes me about 20 minutes – which leaves plenty of time for sightseeing, working, networking, travel time in planes/taxi’s, and of course… presenting.

Since I lecture on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in most cases – a typical schedule for me would include flying in on Friday and doing a quick bodyweight workout before hitting the town Friday night.

Then, lecturing from about 9-5pm on Saturday – but on Saturday’s there is usually networking dinners between all of the coaches that night, but we will usually meet around 7 or so, which gives me MORE then enough time to conveniently and easily get back to my hotel room, get a quick 20-minute workout in, then get ready for dinner.

Then when Sunday rolls around, things are normally much calmer and I’ll be able to do a morning workout before the lectures start at 9am.

And that’s it – it’s honestly as easy as that. Three days go by, I only did a combined 60 minutes of training (when normally that’s the length of one long boring treadmill session) and yet it produces a result that allows me to stay lean and healthy year-round despite my work schedule.

I am not just the creator of this system, I’m living proof of its effectiveness.

This is your “ace in the sleeve” when life decides to throw curve balls at you. When you have this bodyweight program in your back pocket, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals – not a gym membership, not equipment, not your schedule, not time – nothing.

The best part?

You won’t just be receiving a few workout with this bodyweight training manual…

That wouldn’t be enough.

You will be receiving three full months of progressive bodyweight-only programming plus a descriptive manual on exactly how bodyweight training works to produce REAL results.

These exact bodyweight workouts have already been used by hundreds of men and women just like you. Yup, this entire system isn’t “new” – and that’s a good thing, because it’s already been battle-tested on my personal clientele, so we know it works.

This is for the folks who are busy and who deserve a lot more fat loss results than their current cardio and machine workouts are giving – and for the folks who travel often and are looking for ways to stay healthy and trim during periods of chaos.

Plus, I want to give you a proven fat loss workout that respects your time and doesn't require you to put up with disrespectful strangers in an undesirable gym environment.

Twenty minutes is all you’ll need.

You can execute the workouts anywhere you want, and it’s up to you if you want to read up on the science behind them as well throughout the manual. This is the EXACT manual my certified Ultimate Training Mentorship coaches get access to, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

I want to thank you in advance for your order and I look forward to helping you burn fat and build a better body in less time than ever before.

- Coach Dan

Just a one payment of $27.00 and receive instant access immediately after purchase. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!