No matter your experience or skill level you’ll learn the exact scientifically tested and battle-proven training and nutrition techniques to get extreme results for anyone who comes your way 

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Coach Dan’s signature “done for you” advanced hypertrophy program.

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Coach Dan’s perfect “done for you” advanced fat loss program that will have you shredded in less than 8-Weeks every time”.

What Will the Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course Do for You?


Coach Garner has gotten world-class results for over 10,000 athletes in his career and has worked with the absolute best in the world. This includes NFL, NHL, MLB, and UFC athletes. Many of which have won world championships, won Olympic gold medals, and even broken world records on his watch. But that’s not all, he has also worked with a wide-range (and still to this day) of clientele including recreational exercisers, general population, business executives, and even the weekend warriors. No stone is left unturned in this course and you will be provided with “done for you” programs and periodization strategies for all of the above.


If you excel working with some populations, but perform poorly with others, this curriculum is exactly what you need. Going through the curriculum in the order it is laid out will allow you to fully comprehend the “why” behind programming so you can implement the “how” on anybody who comes your way. The adaptable coach is the coach everyone looks to for advice.


Many coaches at all levels struggle with their coaching confidence. But when you get the right training, you can build an unmatched confidence in your practice because you won’t be just hoping for results anymore, you will be getting results. The Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course will get your clients RESULTS and make you look like a Rockstar coach in the gym.


Work through all of the videos, slideshows, exercises, and PDFs on your time anywhere in the world. This curriculum is 100% online-based, which means even if you have a crazy schedule (and if you’re anything like the 90%+ coaches out there, you do!) you can still do it whenever works best for YOU. No 9AM Monday meetings, just you improving your craft whenever works best for you.


Ready to create success in your own life? The good news is, YOU CAN. Thriving coaches aren’t born, they’re made. This program has been put together for you to create success in your own life. Throughout this course you will learn all of the best strategies on this planet for fat loss and muscle gaining – but that’s not all, there are also video lessons exclusively dedicated to breaking through plateaus to get those “lights out” results that have clients banging down your front door to work with you. Not to mention, these are all “done for you” so you can put them to practice and start being a more successful coach NOW.


The game of coaching is both an art and a science. You need to understand the science behind muscle physiology and training research, but you also need to understand the art of applying the correct dose of methods at the correct time to get the best results for a certain demographic. Not only are Coach Garner’s methods evidenced-based, they are very clearly proven effective on the battlefield of training clients with the massive success he has had himself, but also the success he has already had mentoring other coaches. When you learn both the art and science of program design, nothing can stop you.

Meet the Man with the Plan!

The Industry’s Top Educational Curriculum


Day 1 (hypertrophy) is completely dedicated to designing training programs and meal plans for optimal muscle gain.

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Advanced Hypertrophy Programming

Lesson 2: Seven Reasons You Need To Weight Train

Lesson 3: Five Myths That Need To Die

Lesson 4: The Art and Science of Hypertrophy Programming

Lesson 5: Understanding The Three Mechanisms of Hypertrophy

Lesson 6: Volume, Intensity, Frequency, Rest Intervals, Exercise Selection, Exercise Order, and Tempo

Lesson 7: Designing The Perfect Muscle Building Program from Scratch

Lesson 8: Periodization - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Frequency Options

Lesson 9: Four Unstoppable Plateau Busting Training Techniques

Lesson 10: The Three “Constants” That Must Be In Every Optimized Hypertrophy Meal Plan

Lesson 11: Understanding Hypertrophy-based Workout Nutrition, Meal Frequency, and Supplementation Options

Lesson 12: Designing The Perfect Muscle Building Meal Plan: Setting Calories

Lesson 13: Designing The Perfect Muscle Building Meal Plan: Macronutrient Intake

Lesson 14: Designing The Perfect Muscle Building Meal Plan: Micronutrient Intake

Lesson 15: Targeted Pre, Intra, and Post-workout Nutrition for Optimal Hypertrophy

Lesson 16: Meal Frequency Recommendations for Mass Gain

Lesson 17: Why Glutamine is an Underrated Nutrient

Lesson 18: Final Thoughts and Recap

Lesson 19: “Anything Goes” Q&A Session #1


Day 2 (Fat loss) is dedicated to designing optimal training programs and meal plans for fat loss.

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Advanced Fat Loss Programming  

Lesson 2: Seven Reasons You Need To Be Lean  

Lesson 3: 5 Fat Loss Myths That Need To Die  

Lesson 4: Periodizing for Fat Loss and Hypertrophy  

Lesson 5: The Deep Science of Intelligent Fat Loss Training  

Lesson 6: Designing The Perfect Fat Loss Program From Scratch  

Lesson 7: Breaking Through All of Your Fat Loss Plateaus

Lesson 8: Food Combining, Vegetarianism, Refeeds, and the Ketogenic Diet  

Lesson 9: Designing The Perfect Fat Loss Diet: Setting Calories  

Lesson 10: Designing The Perfect Fat Loss Diet: Macronutrient Intake  

Lesson 11: Designing The Perfect Fat Loss Diet: The Science of Refeeds 

Lesson 12: Setting The Appropriate Targets

Lesson 13: Final Thoughts and Recap  

Lesson 14: “Anything Goes” Q&A Session #2  

Yes! I’m Ready To Become A Master Coach >>

Just one payment of $697 and receive THREE FREE BONUSES plus INSTANT access to all course material! 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

What Is the Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course and Why Is It So Effective?

If you are a coach or personal trainer, the Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course is going to teach you exactly what you need to do in order to separate yourself from the pack and deliver amazing, lasting results for your clients.  

What if you had the “magic bullet” to help you design training programs better, and faster then anyone else in the industry?  

And what if this “magic bullet” wasn’t some silly marketing angle, but simply, true expertise in the art and science of program design?  

The kind of expertise that eliminates the confusion and gives you the confidence and clarity you need to write customized programs from scratch and understand exactly how to sequence them overtime in order to get the best possible results.  

Yes, that expertise is available to you – and it’s waiting for you.  

I want you to think back for a moment when you yourself were on an amazing training program that was truly delivering on its promise. You felt great, you were experiencing the results first hand, and everything just…clicked.  

You loved your training, and your training loved you right back with everything you wanted.  

Those results and those feelings probably didn’t last forever, after all, the human body is the ultimate adaptation machine. Once, it adapts, the program starts tapering away in its glory.  

I’m going to make a safe bet here and guess that you would do anything to get that feeling back again? And to experience those results over and over again?  

Your clients are no different.  

They feel the exact same way as you and experience those feelings in the same way.  

But, now it’s you getting everybody these results – and better yet, giving all of your clients this feeling.  

You’re the “go-to” coach in your area getting clients amazing results, which is driving more word-of-mouth, more referrals, more testimonials – and finally getting you the reputation you deserve in this industry as a true authority in your space.  

Let me tell you something, all of this is not only possible – I have done it myself.  

When I first got into this industry, I was a standard on-the-floor personal trainer with no clients. I had no advantages, no handouts, no budget, and no previous athletic success history that I could lean on to say that “I knew what I was talking about”  

None of this stopped me, and if this sounds familiar to you, it won’t stop you either.  

I have invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into my education in formal schooling, certifications, mentorships, books, courses, audio programs, reading real research, and much, much more.  

All of this textbook knowledge allowed me to properly understand the principles and concepts of mastering program design – things like excitation thresholds, muscle fiber recruitment, ranges and planes of motion, neural adaptations, maximizing strength, fat loss, and hypertrophy, understanding energy system demand at the cellular level to build the best conditioning programs, and learning how to periodize this stuff all together in a logical, easy to understand way has taken me many years to reach a level of true expertise and mastery.  

Except, that mastery would have never come without the experience. There are very subtle but significant nuances behind not just the science, but the art in how you apply the science. That’s where the separation is – a lot of trainers know their physiology, very few trainers know how to apply that physiology to get maximum results.  

As my clients in my small town (I come from a farm town of only 1,500 people) started getting unheard of results, more and more people wanted my coaching because it was something they couldn’t get anywhere else.  

I was an in demand full-time coach at the gym, to the point where I could pick my hours, pick my clients, and raise my rates – quickly making multiple six figures per year in a short timeframe. Beyond this, I started taking on online clients as well to begin helping even more people achieve the bodies that they desired. Now, I have a year-round stable of clients in the NFL, NHL, UFC, MLB, Olympics, and also several celebrities.  

Funny enough, trainers in the area wanted to know the “secret” behind my coaching, being that it was pretty odd that a guy from a town of only 1,500 people basically just came out of no where. But, the real secret was the reality that all of my clients received different programs, and that right there is why my clients got such great results (and also why the local coaches in my city couldn’t just steal one of my programs and get the same results, which they still try to this day).  

Using what I’ve learned, I made a name for myself and carved out a reputation based on expertise alone.  

Not marketing.  

Not a huge budget for advertisement.  

Not because I’m a pro bodybuilder.  

Not because I’m a pro athlete…  


Because I have expertise.

This expertise has allowed me to shape the career I want, and be featured in some really major media outlets that have made some of my old friends from school e-mail me just to ask me if that was real.  

I am forever grateful for this – but am ecstatically excited to share with you exactly what I do and how I do it. The truth is, I’m the perfect mentor for you.  


Because it wasn’t some fancy, totally unique quality that got me to where I am. Remember, I had nothing when I started in this industry.  

What got me to where I am is expertise, and that my friend, is something I can share with you in its FULL expression so that you too can discover how to create world class programs.  

But first, let’s talk a little bit about what separates a world class program from a program that you could get from any standard trainer. And to explain this properly, I want to take you back to that program you were on where everything just felt “right”  

Why do you think that was?  

Did you ever take the time to really ponder on that?  

I can tell you it wasn’t because there was some sort of special exercise, I can also tell you that it wasn’t because of any gimmick or “hook” behind it either.  

This stuff is just nonsense – it’s information without knowledge.  

You felt amazing on that program because at the time, it was the right program for you.  

Even if it wasn’t customized for your exact needs (take a second to imagine if it was though…), it was still the right program for you and the right time.  

It also probably didn’t overcomplicate the process by trying to be too technical and/or full of senseless jargon. It just did what it needed to do, and it did it exceptionally well.  

Let me tell you something from experience, the best programs are almost never overly complicated, and are incredibly elegant in their simplicity.  

That’s what true expertise is all about.  

Beginners complicate, experts simplify.  

If you talk to any expert in any field (even far outside the health and fitness world) they will tell you that simplicity is what you need to master, not complexity. That’s what my Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation is all about.

Providing you clarity, not further complication.  

What if the next time you sat down to write a program, you had the art and science of program design strategies right at your fingertips that were handed to you by an expert who has actually walked the walk in this industry?  

You have to remember, I’m not a researcher, I’m a coach. In my line of work, I have to put up or shut up. Not getting results isn’t an option for me, like it is for some of these researchers who get passed off as “experts” in this field.  

Sure, they are experts in their discipline – that doesn’t mean they are experts in coaching. Those are two completely different animals.  

After you learn what I’m going to teach you in this course, you will be able to effortlessly design programs that instantly make clients feel motivated, energized, excited, and eager to re-activate their coaching package with you.  

People are tired of silly gimmicks and false promises, real science and real expertise in coming into the spotlight now. With these tools, you will have the expertise that will make your clients and colleagues respect you, understand what you bring to the table, and why you’re worth more than any other “trainer” out there.  

While other trainers out there will still frantically chase the next fitness trend, you will calmly and expertly deliver the best programs in the industry as you build a business and real reputation for your success.  

People know when they are being fed leftovers, and they will appreciate your customization when they see it, and then they will really appreciate your customization when you provide them that feeling we have been talking about all along.  

This is what this course is designed to teach you all about.  

When you learn the true art and science of program design, nothing will stop you.

Imagine Giving Your Clients Results Like This!

Now you’ll finally feel 100% confident that any client no matter what demographic, will see massive results like these...

Kevin McClelland.

"After having surgery to get my appendix removed and being pretty inactive for a few months I gained a lot of fat. I had Dan create a training program and nutrition plan for me to follow and the results were better than I could have imagined in such a short period of time. The picture on the right is 3 months post surgery, where I was able to get the leanest I’ve ever been. The great thing about working with Dan is you will learn a lot about eating and nutrition that allows you to keep the fat off long term. I couldn’t recommend working with Dan enough - you will be amazed by the results you see when you follow his protocols."

- Kevin McClelland

Trevor Bartlett

“When prepping for my first show, I decided to enlist the help of a fellow trainer who I deemed to be one, if not, the most knowledgeable trainers that I knew of. That was Dan. He designed the overall diet and training protocol. Combining fat loss techniques with sound muscle building procedures, it not only helped me lose 5% body fat in the first 7 weeks, but my strength levels all but stayed the same. If this wasn't the case, they increased! Being a personal trainer myself, I had a good idea on how to approach a fat loss diet but Dan recommended some new foods, quantity amounts, supplementation strategies (He knows his supplements!) and training ideas to help enhance my prior knowledge that much more! This is definitely a no-nonsense formula coming from a guy who is very well-versed in his field of study.”

- Trevor Bartlett

Courtney Pettitt

"Dan is a rare personal trainer who can truly bring out the best in any of his clients. He is dedicated and motivated to get results for all of his clients. I decided a year ago I wanted to compete in a fitness competition, did hours of research and copied meals plans and fitness routines others had used. I realized I was going to need a more personal meal and fitness plan so I could compete and know I did it correctly. Knowing Dan had competed in a competition and seeing results of his other clients it was a no-brainer to hire him. Dan designed my meal plans and my fitness routines, when I had questions or issues with anything he would always answer me back giving me suggestions and recommendations. Within two months I noticed huge changes in my body, actual muscle starting to grow. Dan helped me for 10 months get stage ready, changing up my meal and fitness plans. Always checking in and seeing how things were going, tweaking little things here and there. Finally, final few weeks came and Dan was awesome keeping me calm about everything and explaining how things are going to work. He knows exactly what he is doing and continues to try to learn more always. I can't thank him enough for being there for me and helping me achieve my goals in 2014."  

- Courtney Pettitt

Shaylene Cameron  

"I have been working in the fitness industry for almost two years and was completely “Green” when beginning an entry level position as a Personal Trainer. The goal of competing in any level of bodybuilding seemed, at the time, completely unattainable; given the state of my body, nutritional education and basic knowledge in strength training. Fast forward a year and a half and advancement in my career, and I was mentally prepared to commit to a strict nutritional plan and dedicate my efforts to becoming a more well-rounded coach by challenging myself to compete in the Novice Bikini NPAA show.  

Initially, I was planning to start my journey on my own terms and go solo with nutrition, but then I met Dan Garner. Dan’s friendly demeanor and overall professionalism is what attracted me to becoming one of his clients. His introductory process with new clients require the completion of a lifestyle survey, which demonstrated to me that he knows his sh*t (for lack of a better statement) as lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress can be largely overlooked.  

Dan was extremely patient with me and answered all of my questions through my 15 weeks of dieting. His plans are progressive and reasonable, and they enabled me to stay on pace while working 10-12 hour days on average. Looking back, there is no way I could have independently got my physique to the state it was without Dan’s expertise. His attention to detail exceeded my expectations in every capacity and truly demonstrates his dedication to the field of health and nutrition.  

Not only did Dan hold me accountable up until the competition, he ensured I was on track post show by offering structure and advice on how the body reacts during “de-dieting”. I have encountered other bikini competitors that have had horrible bounce backs: extreme weight gain, muscular tears and pulls..etc, from poor nutrient consumption leading up to a show, thankfully I am not one of them.  

There are a lot of online coaches with claims of knowledge and results, but the knowledge base of someone truly as gifted as Dan is very difficult to find. I will continue to utilize his services and recommend him to anyone who feels like they need a little bit of a push when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goals. Thanks Dan, you are the BEST!"

- Shaylene Cameron  

Marcin Pszczola  

"So it's been another amazing training phase to achieve some of the best results I have seen. First I would like to thank the man that made a lot of this possible Dan Garner. As a coach and friend, Dan has helped me achieve amazing results year to year. I have worked with Dan for over 4 years now, and each and every time I have got better and better. Through very intense training and nutrition, I have pushed myself to limits, sometimes thinking not possible. If you really want to make a chance for yourself, I highly recommend talking to Dan, it will change your life. Now after seeing what I can achieve, I'm going to keep climbing this mountain, working hard everyday until I reach the top. Never give up always believe and greatness will come :-)  

I would also like to thank Steven Domjancic, from Gotham studios. Mark Ruddick from mark Ruddick photography, and Hussein Ali from Hussein Ali photography. All of these photographers were amazing to work with, lots of beautiful shots. Will def work with all of them again. I highly recommend to check these guys out. I would also like to give a special thank you to my beautiful friend Sarah for taking some absolutely amazing pictures together, we had an amazing and fun time creating these beautiful images. A very big thank you to Sarah's sister, Melissa O (Make-up artist) she did an amazing job, giving Sarah a very natural at the same time beautiful look. If you have an event coming up or just want a flawless look for any occasion, check out her page at Melissa O (Make-up artist) she does amazing work.  

Thank you again my family and everyone in my life that has supported me and been by my side. I will keep making everyone proud. I have a big 4 year plan in place, so stayed tuned for something amazing :-) love you all"  

- Marcin Pszczola  

Saadiya Ghanem

"So I have been working out now for 7 years. I have seen some great results over the years. I came to a point in my life where I really wanted to focus on my overall health and still maintain body composition. I decided to talk to Dan, and it has been a fantastic experience, not only do I feel better, I'm also sleeping better, have more energy then ever before, with great focus all while improving my overall strength and conditioning.  

Dan has been a great support from day 1, anytime I ever had a question he is always there to answer anything I need. Thank you so much for being a great friend and coach. Can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  

If you really want to improve your overall quality of life, I highly recommend to work with Dan. I feel sexy on the outside and healthy on the inside :) "

- Saadiya Ghanem  

Brenda McManus

"I stuck to Dan's program and lost 76 lbs! Using Dan's program has been an absolute pleasure. Dozens of my health biomarkers have all improved. My strength has improved and my endurance has gotten better.  

I stuck to Dan's system and it has really paid off. I am down from a size 18 to a size 5 and the best part of all is that I LOST 76 lbs in the process! Thanks again Dan, you have changed my life.  

- Brenda McManus

Keith Kelch

"I first came across Dan on the Under The Bar podcast speaking about all things nutrition. After hearing him speak I was highly impressed by him so I jumped at the chance to attend one of his seminars in Perth early this year and again the content on the course was top class, so I asked would he work with me for my upcoming photo shoot, and the rest is history.  

Dan's experience and knowledge is world class, he really took me out of my comfort zone with the style of programming he used from day 1 and the nutritional approach really suited my physiology and lifestyle. We worked together online over a 4 month period with 4 phases of nutrition and strength training programming, even though the coaching was an online experience Dan was always on hand with any questions I had in regards to exercise selection to the style of nutrition and supplementation used and explained everything in great detail which I really liked.  

I have learned so much over the past 4 months from working with Dan, I would highly recommend his services if you are looking to go to the next level and improve yourself going forward."  

- Keith Kelch

Lucas Ferraz

"Hi, I’m Lucas Ferraz Personal trainer and business owner in Australia. I had few trainers quite good before, but I was not truly happy with them.  

I came across Dan Garner through a podcast, he sounded like a nice guy, very smart and knowledgeable in the subject he was talking about. At times smart and knowledgeable people can be arrogant. Dan Garner is quite the opposite.  

I decided to contact him and sent him a message. His answer was very friendly and explained any doubts. I had. From there I knew I had made the right choice in a trainer.  

We started our training, I listened and followed all his recommendations. The results showed up quickly. Any questions I had about the training or nutrition I asked Dan and, if he was available, he would answer it straight away or in a very short time.  

I have never had problem in communicating with Dan, he is very nice person and great coach. He is the type of coach you need, and he is a problem solver. Most of trainers are not flexible in their training and dictate what you are to do. Dan Garner solves the problems and works with you. If you have food that you don’t eat, a machine you don’t have at the gym, or some other problem affecting your results, he will find a way to solve the problem and keep you on track to get the best results, the results you want.  

I’m very happy with my results and we are only four months in, I couldn’t find a better coach and friend to work with.  

I recommend you try him, he is legitimate and someone you can trust. Follow his recommendations as close as possible and I assure you will get your results. He will be there for you and help you all the way through without hesitation.  

Dan Garner is great and one of one the best coaches I have ever come across during my entire career as a personal trainer.  

Thank you for your help Dan and I am looking forward to continuing working with you."  

- Lucas Ferraz

Just one payment of $697 and receive THREE FREE BONUSES plus INSTANT access to all course material! 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!


So, what’s the short version on what this is all about?

This is more than just a course, it is a true mentorship from Coach Garner himself. In a normal course, you are simply dropped with a bunch of information. Coach Garner takes his educational processes one step further by offering you real-world advice on how to get world class results with your clients, learn how to properly communicate with your clients, and what are some of the strategies he has used to have a rewarding, sustainable, and profitable business.

Going through this intensive curriculum, you will become truly elite. You will be one of the few coaches on this planet that is capable of solving the complex client cases, knows how to get results better than anyone in your market, and stand out from the pack as a real coach.”  

Can you tell me a little more about what I’m going to learn?

Put very simply, the Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course is your one-stop shop to learn how to optimally design training and nutrition programs that cover both the art and science of program design at the highest levels.

But, don’t worry. The curriculum is designed in a “ground up” format so that even if you feel your knowledge is quite basic right now, you will be able to follow along with no issues whatsoever.

In no-time you’re going to learn what Coach Garner has accumulated across his entire career of designing training and nutrition programs – it synthesizes everything he has trial and errored and places it in a done-for-you formula that you’re going to be able to repeat time and time again with your clientele.  

Is this an online product?

YES! Access the entire course on any device with an internet connection at anytime.  

Who is this program for?

This program is designed to meet the needs of fitness, strength, and health professionals working with clients in a training or coaching environment.

But, you don’t have to be a coach to benefit from the Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course. Some students will take this course to ascend to the next level of becoming an elite coach. Others will take it who still have a job outside of the fitness industry but hope to eventually start working in the fitness industry soon.

And finally, others will go through it for no other reason then to optimize their own training and perhaps help their friends and family.

This course can positively impact everyone, and the instruction method ensures that no one gets left behind.  

Do I need to have clients to do this course?

Nope! Every lesson was designed to be done alone and there will be no interactive case study assignments that you will need to have a client for. That way you don't have to rely on anyone else to get your education process done. But, you will eventually be trying this stuff out because you’ll have a ready-to-go formula to use, and I also give many business lessons along the way so that you have clients knocking down your doors by the end of this.

Why offer a course like this?

The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly every single day. Many people are looking for career options, and many others who are already in this industry are looking to standout in the crowd as one of the best in the world.

Unfortunately, with the indescribable amount of bad information that currently plagues this industry, most coaches are left feeling like their missing something. 

- They may feel they aren’t “up to date” 

- They may not feel confident communicating properly with their client to better understand their behaviors and motivations 

- They may have “imposter syndrome” and feel intimidated explaining their methods to other authorities because they haven’t built that rock-solid confidence in their coaching practice yet

- They may feel like they can program design well for most people they already have experience with, but lack an understanding of programming for truly optimal results in the more advanced clients who come their way

 -They may feel that being mentored is the next big leap they need in order to create clarity in their systems and methods 

- They may feel unsure about how they fit in this industry and how they should position their business to be competitive in this chaos

The Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course checks all of these boxes and then some. Giving you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to go out there and crush it. This is exactly why Coach Garner built this program.  

What tools do I need?

To complete this entire Cutting Edge Strategies for Physique Transformation Course, you will only need access to the internet. So, feel free to run through this course on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. And if you’re feeling fancy, do a lesson or two at Starbucks.  

What if I need help?

If you need technical help, you can shoot me a direct email anytime and I would be happy to assist you.

How long is the program?

As long as you want it to be! You will gain instant access to the entire course and can go through it as you please.  

What happens after the course?

 After the course, you will have lifetime access to all of the content so that you will have an immediate knowledge reference whenever you need it.  

I already know training and nutrition science, why would I sign up for you course?

The truth is, a lot of coaches already know a lot of things about training and nutrition. But they don’t understand how all the pieces connect, nor do they implement them as confidently and systematically as they would like.  

And you know what? 

This is fine. This is why we keep progressing every single day.

If you are a coach and you visited this page, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with the growth mindset.

That is, keep an open mind and entertain the idea that there is likely some room for you to grow still, and that you could benefit from a highly comprehensive course that offers proven systems and done-for-you formulas for success. 

Do I need to have a University or College degree to go through the course?


No prior assumption of any advanced physiology, biology, or chemistry is being made here. But, if you have zero knowledge on training or nutrition, you can expect to struggle with the course content. This course was designed for fitness professionals and not really the public unless they are fitness enthusiasts.

What’s the time commitment on this course?

Luckily for you, this is an online process, so the schedule is as flexible as you want it to be. You can do it anytime you like, wherever you like.

The only thing I ask is that you give the lessons the time, effort, and attention they deserve. This is not a cost, it is an investment in you. The biggest returns on investment come from focused learning.  

What type of results can I get with my clients if I apply what I learned in the course?

Coach Garner has hundreds of testimonials in his database including everyone from the stay at home mom, to the elderly, bodybuilders, bikini athletes, recreational athletes, plenty of personal trainers, and even world record breaking professional athletes in all of the major organizations and there is NO reason you can’t too.


Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. By participating in this program you acknowledge that neither Coach Dan Garner or Team Garner are liable for any injury or damage sustained while training.