Eating Out Survival Guide

International Nutrition and Training Guru Reveals His Personal On-The-Go Eating Out Secret Tips and Tricks!

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Does eating healthy on-the-go have to be so hard? 


I’m Dan Garner, Strength Coach and Nutrition Specialist.

One of the most common questions that I receive is “How do I stick to my diet plan while travelling?”

Being as I travel very frequently to speak at various events, and I have a client roster that includes many business executives and agents who never stay in one place for very long – I was forced the master this art form very quickly.

What you’re about to discover is how to stay lean while traveling, even if you’re in a foreign land without access to any of your regular meals.

You’ll also discover that you don’t need to be perfect either. But, with a little preparation and some unknown tricks to make the process go smoothly, you’re going to have your friends asking you (maybe with a little bit of an attitude!) how you are able to stay lean no matter where you are because they find it… “so hard”

I don’t blame them either, I used to be “stuck” thinking that it was “natural” to fall off track when traveling. There’s nothing natural about that, it is just a lack of knowledge. Just like everything else, once you know what to do – the game becomes a lot easier.

Whether it’s for convenience, cravings or social gatherings, sometimes you call upon another cook to feed you.

And clearly, the modern-day appetite for eating out has never been larger.

Recently, statistics in finance demonstrated that spending on eating out overtook grocery store sales for the first time ever in recorded history. It’s very likely that this love affair with eating out is contributing to the growing waistlines of developed countries as restaurants marketing campaigns continue to win people over to consuming their high-profit junk.

Simply put, the more often you dine out, the more likely you are going to be at putting on unnecessary weight – this is true even for those of you track your intake, there are always hidden calories when eating out.

Although restaurants are always going to present a challenge when it comes to eating nutritious food in reasonable portions, you can definitely still eat out without saying good-bye to your six-pack.

In fact, it is this information that has allowed my clients to get the results they seek without feeling deprived – and allowed me to appear like some sort of genius coach who “lets their clients eat out and yet they still look great!”

I’ll show you how to reduce and even completely eliminate the damage from restaurant meals and eating out with your business partners that you’re inevitably going to face when travelling.

Just a one payment of $7.00 and receive instant access immediately after purchase. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!