Protein Clarity Special


A Guide to Maximizing your Recovery, Minimizing Muscle Loss During Training, And Optimizing Your Post-Workout Anabolic Window

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Protein is one of the most researched and most famous macronutrients in the nutrition world. With fame and attention unfortunately comes myths and misinformation.

Have you ever been confused about any of the following:  

  • Do elderly individuals need more, or less protein than their younger counter-parts?
  • Is there a benefit to pre-workout protein?
  • Is there a benefit to post-workout protein?
  • If there are benefits to pre and post-workout protein, how much should I have in relation to my age and goals? And when?
  • Do advanced trainees need more protein than beginners? Or is that just a myth?
  • How much should I be having in the entire day? And is this calculated from my total bodyweight…or just based on my current lean mass?
  • How many meals of protein should I have per day?  

Let me clear the air for you and finally offer you some clarity on all of these highly important topics so you can move forward and confidently program the best possible nutritional strategies for yourself and your clientele.  

In health and fitness, knowledge is power – and when it comes to the power of getting your protein intake correct, this is something that is non-negotiable…you don’t want to screw this up. It can be the difference between getting results or wasting your time.  

This Protein Clarity lecture is something you will not find in any of my courses, it’s a true “stand-alone” in its importance and has been a major game changer to the coaches I allowed preview it before it hit the market.  

With so much information and science packed into this lecture and accompanying PDF, no questions will remain unanswered. Protein Clarity is for the coach or athlete looking to end the confusion behind it all, get up to date on the most modern scientific literature, and start applying strategies to get real results today.