The Certification That Lead To Thousands Of Worldwide Clients, International Lecturing, And Running A Profitable And Successful Business Exclusively From Home 

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The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship was specifically designed to load the all of the research and years of experience Coach Garner has into the fastest and most efficient education program on the planet. Because of this, you will see some incredible benefits such as…


Coach Garner has gotten results for over 10,000 athletes in his career and has worked with the absolute best in the world. This including NFL, NHL, MLB, and UFC athletes. Many of which have won world championships and even broken world records on his watch. But that’s not all, he has also worked with a wide-range (and still to this day) of clientele including recreational exercisers, general population, and even niche categories such as the aging population and/or people dealing with unique health problems which are all incorporated into the curriculum design.

Put simply, these evidenced-based systems drive results, and they drive them quickly.


If you excel working with some populations, but perform poorly with others, this curriculum is exactly what you need. Going through the curriculum in the order it is laid out will allow you to fully comprehend the “why” behind nutritional coaching so you can implement the “how” on anybody who comes your way. The adaptable coach is the coach everyone looks to for advice.


Many coaches at all levels struggle with their coaching confidence. But when you get the right training, you can build an unmatched confidence in your practice because you won’t be just hoping for results anymore, you will be getting results. The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship will get your clients RESULTS and make you look like a Rockstar coach in the gym.


Work through all of the videos, slideshows, and PDFs on your time anywhere in the world. This curriculum is 100% online-based, which means even if you have a crazy schedule (and if you’re anything like the 90%+ coaches out there, you do!) you can still do it whenever works best for YOU. No 9AM Monday meetings, just you improving your craft whenever works best for you.


Ready to create success in your own life? The good news is, YOU CAN. Thriving coaches aren’t born, they’re made. This program has been put together for you to create success in your own life. Throughout this course you will learn all of the top traits you need in order to dominate your marketplace, and then finish the last module strong by focusing on business and productivity alone so that you can take everything you have learned and have a booming career.


The game of nutritional coaching is both an art and a science. You need to understand the science behind digestion and human metabolism, but you also need to understand the art of applying the correct dose of methods at the correct time to get the best results for a certain demographic.  

Not only are Coach Garner’s methods evidenced-based, they are very clearly proven effective on the battlefield of working with clients with the massive success he has had himself, but also the success he has already had mentoring other coaches who are now crushing it in their marketplace. When you learn both the art and science of the nutrition game, nothing can stop you.


Dan Garner is one of the fastest up and coming coaches in the entire world. He is the owner and founder of Team Garner and is the head strength coach and nutrition specialist for Hockey Training. Specializing and delivering consistent world class results in physique transformation and athletic performance, Dan has worked with many celebrities and athletes from the youth leagues right up to the NHL, NFL, MLB and UFC. He is an international lecturer on sports nutrition and has been featured in several major media outlets. In addition to his extensive coaching and education resumé, he is a best-selling author on Amazon and has millions of video views in over 150 countries around the world.


We’re going to teach you how to get lights-out results with your clients faster than anyone else on the planet, and here’s how we’re going to do it!

Week 1: Becoming the best version of yourself Lesson 1: Getting the most out of this course

Lesson 2: Self-Awareness evaluation

 Lesson 3: Creating your perfect vision

Lesson 4: High-performance goal setting and the importance of tracking progress

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening 

Week 2: All about protein Lesson 1: Week 2 intro  

Lesson 2: Protein digestion and absorption 

Lesson 3: Protein intake, structure, and function 

Lesson 4: Protein timing

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening  

Week 3: All about carbohydrates Lesson 1: Week 3 intro

Lesson 2: Carbohydrate digestion and absorption  

Lesson 3: Fiber and resistant starch

Lesson 4: Optimizing carbohydrate intake 

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening  

Week 4: All about fats Lesson 1: Week 4 intro  

Lesson 2: Fat digestion and absorption  

Lesson 3: The connection between fat and hormones  

Lesson 4: Optimizing fat intake

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 5: Bodyweight regulation and human metabolism Lesson 1: Week 5 intro

Lesson 2: Deconstructing and understanding human metabolism  

Lesson 3: Setting calories for fat loss, maintenance, lean mass, and recomposition  

Lesson 4: Utilizing refeeds for recomposition, fat loss, and mass gain 

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening  

Week 6: Nutrient timing Lesson 1: Week 6 intro 

Lesson 2: Why peri-workout nutrition is optimal  

Lesson 3: Optimizing the peri-workout nutrition window for unstoppable performance and recovery  

Lesson 4: The physiological and psychological impacts of choosing your meal frequency 

Lesson 5: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening  

Week 7: Outside-In case study week Lesson 1: Week 7 intro 

Lesson 2: The hierarchy of nutritional program design

Lesson 3:Properly assessing the nutrition client  

Lesson 4: Case study video 1 

Lesson 5: Case study video 2  

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening 

Week 8: Break week Break Week

Week 9: Stress management and debunking adrenal fatigue Lesson 1: Week 9 intro

Lesson 2: The physiology of stress

Lesson 3: Possible areas for cortisol dysfunction and client troubleshooting

Lesson 4: Stress management: Protocols and Practices

Lesson 5: Stress management: Protocols and Practices accompanying PDF

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, listening

Week 10: The truth behind carbohydrate tolerance Lesson 1: Week 10 intro

Lesson 2: The physiology of insulin and the TRUTH behind its function

Lesson 3: Positive and negative factors effecting carbohydrate tolerance

Lesson 4: Determining carbohydrate tolerance utilizing lab analysis or at-home testing procedures

Lesson 5: Carbohydrate tolerance: Protocols and Practices

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 11: Understanding sleep length and sleep quality Lesson 1: Week 11 intro

Lesson 2: The must-know physiology of sleep

Lesson 3: The 10 rules for getting the perfect nights sleep

Lesson 4: Possible areas for sleep dysfunction

Lesson 5: Bulletproof rituals for success

Lesson 6: Designing sleep protocols

Lesson 7: Designing sleep protocols accompanying PDF

Lesson 8: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening 

Week 12: The future of gut health management Lesson 1: Week 12 intro

Lesson 2: The importance of gut health and digestion fundamentals towards health, body composition, recovery, and performance

Lesson 3: Possible areas for gut dysfunction and troubleshooting

Lesson 4: Designing optimal and targeted gut health protocols

Lesson 5: Designing gut health protocols accompanying PDF

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 13: A guide to male and female sex hormone function Lesson 1: Week 13 intro

Lesson 2: The physiology of sex hormones

Lesson 3: Possible areas for hormonal dysfunction and troubleshooting

Lesson 4: Optimizing hormone balance for males and females

Lesson 5: OOptimizing hormone balance: Protocols and practices accompanying PDF

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 14: Inflammatory responses and immune system function Lesson 1: Week 14 intro

Lesson 2: The physiology of inflammation

Lesson 3: Possible contributing root causes for elevated inflammation and troubleshooting

Lesson 4: Optimizing inflammation management: Protocols and Practices

Lesson 5: Optimizing inflammation management accompanying PDF

Lesson 6: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 15: Inside-Out case study week Lesson 1: Inside-out Case study 1

Lesson 2: Inside-out Case study 2

Lesson 3: Inside-out Case study 3

Lesson 4: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Week 16: Next level business development Lesson 1: Playing the long game

Lesson 2: Basic and advanced myth busting – Making interpreting research simple

Lesson 3: Maximizing productivity to blow up your life and career

Lesson 4: Weekly recommended reading, watching, and listening

Just one payment of $897 and receive THREE FREE BONUSES and instant access. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! 


Dear Coach,  

The vast majority of personal trainers and coaches out there make one HUGE mistake when making nutritional recommendations for their clients…  

They run everyone through the same templates and guidelines!

Either because it’s “their way”, or perhaps because that’s all that was taught to them, or maybe they aren’t confident in their own knowledge so they have copied the knowledge of another coach.  

Well, guess what?  

Every single one of your clients is different and should be treated as such. Just like they should be doing training plans that are customized to their goals and bodies, they should also be doing nutrition plans that meet those same unique physiological and psychological needs.  

It’s not the 90’s anymore, the growth of the internet has increased our clients knowledge dramatically. We can’t just be throwing people blanket recommendations and hoping for results, or putting everybody on the same protocol because they fit that nice little box that protocol is supposed to be good for.  

Size, age, readiness, ability, current state of health, hormone status, carbohydrate tolerance, and individual psychology are just a few of the major factors that change what works best for individual clients.  

Imagine if a T-shirt company only ever made one size of T-shirt?  

I think we can safely estimate they would go out of business pretty fast.  

And that’s where our industry is when it comes to nutrition coaching, “Do this to solve this” – “Do that to handle that”  

It’s as if you just have a cookbook of recipes that you follow, and almost no consideration for true optimization and customization is made.  

Look, clients know when they are being fed leftovers when they aren’t getting the same results as some of your other clients. Don’t make the same systems for everybody and call it a customized program.  

With the knowledge we have now in modern times, we’re done with those old “one size fits all” models…  

With the Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship I can help you create the perfect programs for your clients.  

By reverse engineering all of your clients needs based on where there are currently at, you are going to understand what system they are going to do best with, and what system is going to allow them to achieve dramatic and sustainable results.  

From there, you won’t ever feel “stuck” because you will understand the logical progression your client must go through in order to continue their journey forward, and you will have the knowledge to confidently troubleshoot every step of the way.  

This IS the future of your nutritional coaching practice…  

After this course you will be programming with more confidence then ever before and getting more results with any type of client demographic that comes your way.  

If you are a coach who cares about creating evidence-based recommendations and protocols for your clients, and is ready to take that next big leap towards becoming the “go-to” coach in your marketplace…  

I would love to have you, and I can’t wait to work with you. - Coach Garner


Stephen Arnold

"As a young competition coach I'm always aspiring to serve my clients in the best way possible. I've been studying, reading, working and studying some more for many years in an effort to develop an extensive knowledge base from which I can aid and assist my clients in building their goal physiques and competing at the highest level. Through that knowledge and hard work my team and I have achieved some fantastic results at state, national, and international levels both on an amateur and professional stage.  

Then I met Dan Garner......  

Whilst studying under Dan's mentorship this year, Dan has taught me that having a knowledge is good, but having an understanding is what's truly great.  

Most coaches take an 'outside in' only approach to their coaching. Calories, macros, exercise, and rest; but Dan teaches us that the 'inside out' approach is equally as important. We learn to have an understanding of the clients physiology at a cellular level and to take an approach to our coaching that meets the client where they need to be met both physiologically and psychologically.  

The information provided in the 'Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship' is completely beyond anything I have ever come across before but presented in a way that I could absorb and digest. I'm coming away with not only further knowledge but with an understanding and a completely different approach to my coaching.  

I can understand, feel and relate to my clients on a much deeper level now and as a result my clients are happier and my business has grown extensively, I'm seeing a return on my investment weekly!  

If you're looking to aid your clients or develop a deeper understanding of the human physiology and psychology behind nutritional coaching then this course is the best available."

Stephen Arnold

Geoff Goddard

"The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship with Dan Garner has completely exceeded my already high expectations. After attending his seminar and having the opportunity to interview him for my podcast, it was a no-brainer to sign up because I could see his attention to detail was some of the best in the biz.  

Each week we've been provided with a mixture of video, written documents, and recommended reading. The way the course is structured really allows you plenty of time to digest each topic. Dan has a way at making complicated processes very simple and memorable and even has a weekly Q and A where he takes the time to answer everyone's individual questions which have been so valuable.  

I have been to a ton of seminars and events in my time but can honestly say that this may be the best money I've ever spent on my own personal development as a coach. Thank you for everything Dan."  

Geoff Goddard — Owner at Lord of the Rig

Troy Tremellen

"I highly recommend any strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers that are looking to expand their knowledge in the physiology and psychology of nutrition to get on board the Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship with Dan Garner.  

Dan takes the complex issues of nutrition that we all face as coaches and puts them into a format where you walk away with instant client application and an understanding of why.  

Dan backs up everything taught with science based literature, busting a lot of nutrition and fitness industry myths along the way.  

The volume of information given is phenomenal and is set out in a brilliant format of PDF's, Video Lectures & Video Q&A's. Very rarely do you see this level of professionalism presented in an online format.  

Thank you Dan, not only am I a better coach, but I am also a better person for going through this mentorship."  

Troy Tremellen — VI.PT Lifestyle Personal Training

Arna Macalister-Knight  

"After hearing about The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship and looking into the course outline, I knew it would be a huge regret of mine if I didn't do it. I've done a few Nutrition courses in the past and already had a good understanding on the topic but I knew that this course would take me to the next level. And I wasn't wrong!!  

The course is structured in a way that makes it very easy to digest, and you are able to build on your knowledge week to week. Each week you cover a new topic, learning via video lectures, reading material, case studies and Q&As with Dan, who answers any questions you have on that week's topic in great detail. The information is extremely comprehensive and thorough, yet delivered in a very succinct and easy to understand manner. Dan provides you with his proven tools and formulas, which are so invaluable and will allow you to take your clients results to a whole new level.  

I feel so confident to now take the knowledge and skills I've learnt and apply it to my own clients. This was by far the best investment I've ever made in myself and my career. Dan is an absolute inspiration and a clear expert in the field. I couldn't recommend his course more highly."  

Arna Macalister-Knight — Lord of the Rig.  

Alex Reid  

"The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship was extremely useful both for my own health and for the health of my clients. During the mentorship I applied each weeks learnings and noticed significant improvements in both my body composition and gut health. Dan not only teaches the information, but helps you actually apply it with clients, which is what I found to be the most beneficial. I've since been implementing what I learned with my clients and am seeing far better results. I'm also working much better as a coach and am far more productive with my time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about nutrition and how to apply it for either themselves or their clients."  

Alex Reid — Muscle Activation Sydney  

Michael Pritchatt

"Optimization. That is a big part of what I strive for with my business in the fitness/health industry and I can truly say that Dan has played a role in helping my business evolve that way.  

My clientele range from athletes to general population, and I'm always looking at learning from the best so I can produce a quality service for my demographic. I regard Dan as one of the best.  

The Ultimate Nutrition Course wasn't just any course on nutrition. It was a course that also made me grow personally and understand the mindset of my clients. This is one of the best courses I have done. If your in the industry and looking for the best to grow and retain your business, I can personally highly recommend Dan and his nutrition course"  

Michael Pritchatt — Mind Performance Health  

Pyry Liukkonen

"I got interested in the mentorship with Dan because of his appearances on the UTB podcast. The way he put complicated stuff in to a very easily digestible form really resonated with me, and made me want to learn more from him.  

Sure enough this is exactly what he does in the mentorship and he has been able to take my nutrition knowledge from the level of "knowing a lot of stuff' to really understanding what is going on with the physiology of an individual when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.  

The amount of content has been almost overwhelming and Dan also shares the tools and strategies he uses with his clientele to optimise their health and performance to get the world class results that he is known for.  

The weekly Q/A's were awesome even though I personally struggled to come up with questions because the content delivered was so comprehensive.  

I highly recommend this mentorship to anyone who is interested in taking their nutrition game to the next level!"  

Pyry Liukkonen — Signature Strength & Health

Vince Lucente

"This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Garner to discuss strategies to optimize productivity and efficiency, while also enabling me to consistently focus on my purpose as a person and professional.  

Without a doubt, Dan’s mentorship opened my eyes to a new world of organization that will now allow me to have greater control over my life to be extremely effective and efficient. Learning new ways to manage my time, keep myself accountable, and track trends in all facets is going to greatly assist me not only in my career, but in my life.  

Dan’s mentorship was filled with as many tools as possible to help me grow immediately. Safe to say that in this week I may have learned more that I can apply in an instant, than I have ever in my life. Although this week may have helped in my development insurmountably, I firmly believe that I am only scratching the surface to the resources Dan can provide furthermore!  

I look forward to immediately implementing the strategies that Dan has provided me this week, as I know for a fact that it is going to change my life for the better. I cannot recommend his service enough, nor can I thank him enough for the mentorship that he has provided me. I cannot wait to learn more!"  

Vince Lucente - Elite Training Systems


Just one payment of $897 and receive THREE FREE BONUSES and instant access. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!


So, what’s the short version on what this is all about?

This is more than just a course, it is a true mentorship from Coach Garner himself. In a normal course, you are simply dropped with a bunch of information. Coach Garner takes his educational processes one step further by offering you real-world advice on how to get world class results with your clients, learn how to properly communicate with your clients, and what are some of the strategies he has used to have a rewarding, sustainable, and profitable business.  

Going through this intensive curriculum, you will become truly elite. You will be one of the few coaches on this planet that is capable of solving the complex client cases, knows how to get results better than anyone in your market, and stand out from the pack as a real coach who knows exactly what to say and the right times to get the most adherence out of their client.  

Can you tell me a little more about what I’m going to learn?

Put very simply, the Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship is your one-stop shop to learn how to optimally design nutritional meal plans and protocols that cover both the art and science of coaching at the highest levels.  

But, don’t worry.

The curriculum is designed in a “ground up” format so that even if you feel your knowledge is quite basic right now, you will still be able to follow along with no issues whatsoever.  

In four months, you’re going to learn what Coach Garner has accumulated across his entire career of designing programs – it synthesizes everything he has trial and errored and places it in a done-for- you formula that you’re going to be able to repeat time and time again with your clientele.  

Is this an online product?

YES! Access the entire course on any device with an internet connection at anytime.  

Who is this program for?

This program is designed to meet the needs of fitness, strength, and health professionals working with clients in a training or nutritional coaching environment.  

But, you don’t have to be a coach to benefit from the Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship. Some students will take this course to ascend to the next level of becoming an elite coach. Others will take it who still have a job outside of the fitness industry but hope to eventually start working in the fitness industry soon.  

And finally, others will go through it for no other reason then to optimize their own nutrition and perhaps help their friends and family.  

This course can positively impact everyone, and the instruction method ensures that no one gets left behind.

Do I need to have clients to do this course?

Nope! Every lesson was designed to be done alone and there will be no interactive case study assignments that you will need to have a client for. This way, you don't have to rely on anyone else to get your education process done. But, you will eventually be trying this stuff out because you’ll have a ready-to- go formula to use, and I also give many business lessons along the way so that you have clients knocking down your doors by the end of this.

Why offer a course like this?

The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly every single day. Many people are looking for career options, and many others who are already in this industry are looking to standout in the crowd as one of the best in the world.  

Unfortunately, with the indescribable amount of bad information that currently plagues this industry, most coaches are left feeling like they’re missing something.  

- They may feel they aren’t “up to date”  

- They may not feel confident communicating properly with their client to better understand their behaviors and motivations  

- They may have “imposter syndrome” and feel intimidated explaining their methods to other authorities because they haven’t built that rock-solid confidence in their coaching practice yet  

- They may feel like they can give nutritional recommendations well for most general population clientele, but lack an understanding of programming for the more unique populations and tough client cases  

- They may feel that being mentored is the next big leap they need in order to create clarity in their systems and methods  

- They may feel unsure about how they fit in this industry and how they should position their business to be competitive in such a saturated market 

The Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship checks all of these boxes and then some. Giving you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to go out there and crush it. This is exactly why Coach Garner built this program.

What tools do I need?

To complete the entire Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship, you will only need access to the internet. So, feel free to run through this course on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. And if you’re feeling fancy, do a lesson or two at Starbucks. 

What if I need help?

If you need technical help, you can shoot me a direct email anytime and I would be happy to assist you. But if you’re somebody whom you think would benefit more from going with the guided mentorship process with me right alongside you, I highly recommend signing up for the Platinum Membership as we will be doing a video Q/A every single week together to ensure you’re confident every step of the way.

How long is the program?

The entire system is designed to take 4-Months to get through, but you will continually see improvement in your knowledge and nutritional program design as you work through the phases, even straight from Day 1.  

What happens after the course?

 After the course, you will have lifetime access to all of the content so that you will have an immediate knowledge reference whenever you need it.  

I already know nutrition science, why would I sign up for your course?

The truth is, a lot of coaches already know a lot of things about nutrition. But they don’t understand how all of the pieces connect, nor do they implement them as confidently and systematically as they would like.

And you know what?

This is fine. This is why we keep progressing every single day.

If you are a coach and you visited this page, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with the growth mindset. That is, keep an open mind and entertain the idea that there is likely some room for you to grow still and that you could benefit from a highly comprehensive course that offers proven systems and formulas for success to match any of your client needs. 

Do I need to have a University or College degree to go through the course?


No prior assumption of any advanced physiology, biology, or chemistry is being made here.  

But, if you have zero knowledge in nutrition, you can expect to struggle with the course content. Getting world-class results isn’t a simple A-B- C process. In this case, I would ask of you to be willing to work on your time management so that you can learn optimally and attack the recommended reading sections to cement in those new challenging lessons.  

However, the mentorship option is always available for you. You don’t have to do this alone. If you’re willing to show up for your Q/A, Coach Garner will be right there with you to address your personal needs.  

What’s the time commitment on this course?

I understand most trainers are super busy with their clients and current lifestyles. I’m only going to ask you for 3-4hrs each and every week in order to complete all of your course content.  

3 if you’re quick, 4 if you really take your time.

You will go through approximately 3-4 lessons per week that are a mix of PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and video lectures. It’s also best (although not mandatory) to check out some of the recommended reading/watching/listening I have laid out for you as well for every single topic we discuss.

Luckily for you, this is an online process, so the schedule is as flexible as you want it to be. You can do it anytime you like, wherever you like.  

The only thing I ask is that you give the lessons the time, effort, and attention they deserve. This is not a cost, it is an investment in you. The biggest returns on investment come from focused learning. 

What type of results can I get with my clients if I apply what I learned in the course?

Coach Garner has hundreds of testimonials in his database including everyone from the stay at home mom, to the elderly, bodybuilders, bikini athletes, recreational athletes, plenty of personal trainers, and even world record breaking professional athletes in all of the major organizations.

If you apply what is taught and utilize the exact same strategies he is using in his practice, there is absolutely no reason you cannot do the same. 

Will I learn how to run a business too?

This is not a business course.  

Running a business is a massive undertaking, and detailing all of the education behind it would require a course all by itself. This course will not discuss specific software to use, bookkeeping, Facebook ads, or anything of that nature.  

However, there are plenty of opportunities for self-awareness (both through education and through lesson prompting) where you will be able to explore where your strengths are and how you should be positioning yourself in this industry.

Additionally, both Module 1 and Module 4 are going to give you a phenomenal insight as to what you need to do in order to be successful in this industry. These Modules are very business-focused and will be giving you the best insights you need in order to take your business, income, and entire reputation to the next level.


Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. By participating in this program you acknowledge that neither Coach Dan Garner or Team Garner are liable for any injury or damage sustained while training.